This is a JQuery plugin that allows you to create an high quality justified gallery of images. A common problem, for people who create sites, is to create an elegant image gallery that manages the various sizes of images. Flickr and Google+ manage this situation in an excellent way, the purpose of this plugin is to give you the power of this solutions, with a new fast algorithm. You can read the entire description of this project in the official project page. ## Release History ### 3.3 * No more crops * Removed some floating point approximations that caused some small crops * Initial opacity settings for the caption to allow them to be always visible * Can be also configured changing the less file, if one prefers CSS animations * All caption settings in a single object to be more compact captionSettings : { //ignored with css animations animationDuration : 500, visibleOpacity : 0.7, nonVisibleOpacity : 0.0 }, * Justification formulas refactoring to be more maintainable ### 3.2 * A gallery of `div` can be used instead of `a` * Fixed errors for the last rows * Option to use only css animations (i.e `cssAnimation`) * Without css animations * Configurable caption fadein/fadeout time (i.e. `captionsAnimationDuration`) * Configurable caption final opacity (i.e. `captionsVisibleOpacity`) * Configurable images fadein time (i.e. `imagesAnimationDuration`) * Configurable treshold that decides to justify the row also in presence of nojustify (i.e. `justifyThreshold`) ### 3.1 * Improved the algorithm to reduce the image crops * Fixed errors with some jQuery versions * Fixed errors with fixed height * Settings checks and parsing * Added event jg.rowflush ### 3.0 * Totally rewritten! * Row by row loading * The plugin doesn't wait that all the gallery thumbnails are loaded * A row is printed when the its thumbnails are available * Non-blocking layout creation * No more white spaces (If the gallery needs to load a bigger image, it first show the smaller and then replace it with the bigger) * Improved the algorithm for a better result * No more white pixels at the end of a row (bugfix) * Reduced a lot the image crops * Vertical centering * Proportional images enlargement looking the image aspect ratio * Improved the algorithm efficiency * No more extra tags or new elements added to create the layout * All the images remain in the DOM, they aren't deleted or created * Hence, each tag remains in the links and in the images * Added `maxRowHeight` option * Custom captions * Thumbnails randomization (`randomize` option) * Statefulness * can be called again changing only some settings * can be called again to update the layout (after add or remove of images) * Infinite scroll capable * Improved last row behavior * Last row option changed * `justifyLastRow` setting has been renamed to `lastRow`, and it accepts: `'justify'`, `'nojustify'`, `'hide'`. * Option to hide the row if it is incomplete and cannot be justified * The plugin can justify also with `lastRow = 'nojustify'`, if the free space is small. * Silent error handling * If a thumbnail doesn't exists, it is ignored in the layout (hided) * If the plugin needs an inexistent thumbnail, it maintains the previous one * Errors are still visible in the console * Loading spinner * Visible when a new row needs to be loaded * Pure CSS spinner * Configurable changing the CSS/Less * Project structure * Grunt to manage the build * Less * Tests * Javascript and CSS validation * CSS filename changed to be more standard * License changed to MIT * Improved the gallery size check to be less invasive * Fixed lightbox removal when the page is resized ### 2.1 * Setting removed: 'usedSizeRange', now the plugin do it automatically * Setting behavior changed: 'extension', now it accept a regular expression. The old behavior still works, but is not safe. * New behavior: if an image defines the attribute `data-safe-src`, this is choice, no matter what the src attribute is. This can be used to avoid the problems with Photon or other services that resize the images, changing the image `src`s. ### 2.0 * Setting removed: 'lightbox', now can be done simply with the onComplete callback. * Added Setting: 'rel' to change all the links `rel` attribute. * Added Setting: 'target' to change all the links `target` attribute. * Setting name changed: 'complete' to 'onComplete'. * Setting name changed: 'sizeSuffixes' to 'sizeRangeSuffixes'. * Setting name changed: 'usedSuffix' to 'usedSizeRange'. * Added the CSS for the div that shows the Justified Gallery errors. Now can be changed, or hided. ## Contributing ### Important notes Please don't edit files in the `dist` subdirectory as they are generated via Grunt. You'll find source code in the `src` subdirectory! #### Code style Regarding code style like indentation and whitespace, **follow the conventions you see used in the source already.** ### Modifying the code First, ensure that you have the latest [Node.js]( and [npm]( installed. Test that Grunt's CLI is installed by running `grunt --version`. If the command isn't found, run `npm install -g grunt-cli`. For more information about installing Grunt, see the [getting started guide]( 1. Fork and clone the repo. 1. Run `npm install` to install all dependencies (including Grunt). 1. Run `grunt` to grunt this project. Assuming that you don't see any red, you're ready to go. Just be sure to run `grunt` after making any changes, to ensure that nothing is broken. ### Submitting pull requests 1. Create a new branch, please don't work in your `master` branch directly. 1. Add failing tests for the change you want to make. Run `grunt` to see the tests fail. 1. Fix stuff. 1. Update the documentation to reflect any changes. 1. Push to your fork and submit a pull request.